people mountain people sea

upcycled textile, rope, 200 x 160 x 11 cm, 2021

A modular quilt when connected, each bag is unique and reversible, inspired by Ursula le Guin’s ‘Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction’

I made the first bag back in September 2020. The cube container was the starting point for my thesis, it constrained the shape of it before the contents of the thesis came.

Writing for me has always been a hit or miss, and I struggle with it although I love to read and write. Despite the fact that words don’t come to me easily, I wanted to connect the written words with my visual language.

I decided to make 198 bags, each bag with 4 corners of hooks that can be tied to each other, to create one large quilt, a quilt in my dimensions, 160 cm height. A quilt made up from modular blocks of bags, a wall of pockets.