searching for bible paper — writings

This section is a collection of words that have yet to find a book for their home. It is titled ‘searching for bible paper’ because of my obsession with thin but strong, woodfree, textile based paper that have the perfect balance of translucency and opacity: a sort of scritta paper. They have the ability to feel like velvet when flipped between fingers, and are so dense with printed matter that at a glance they look like ants on a page. Unfortuantely they are not sold by the sheet, they are only used as industrial rolls that weigh hundreds of tons. It is my dream to make an impossible RISO book only using bible paper.

Tuesday November 23 2021
An egg
While hardboiled becomes stone becomes sand,
the scent too faded for
a weary nose,
released into ears, stretched over
89 years.

Honey drips from an empty jar, the cellar filled with zest,
corpse of an orange,
A scent of effervescent
soapy air freshener
Awaiting guests, spidered elephants, a hum.

A sigh from the world,
Telling me breathe

(Monday?) February 10 2019
        Musings on Semiotics— I am currently reading
Peirce’s Visuality and the Semiotics of Art and I came across this quote on books that emphasises the importance of the placement of words:

‘Consider for example a blank-book. It is meant to be written in. Words written in that in due order will have quite another force from the same words scattered accidentally on the ground, even should these happen to have fallen into collections which would have a meaning if written in the blank-book.’ (Hardwick, 1977, p. 195)

It reminded me of a work made by Simon Morris in which he cut out all the words from Freud’s ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’, scattered and reconstructed them to create a new interpretation of Freud’s book.

Peirce questioned in his paper whether ‘a sign’s type [would] vary with changes in location’ and whether aesthetic space may have semiotic rules [that differ] from nonaesthetic space.’ In the case of Simon Morris’ work, the re-arrangement of signs create a completely different meaning and significance.

I wonder if works that focus purely on visual semiotics can be sustained without logic? Can a blank-book also visually convey the presence of an artist?

piercing taste

you can feel a piercing sound
a piercing glance
a piercing touch
maybe,piercing heart
can you
taste piercing?

Monday August 15 2021
...scarves make me feel delicious

Monday August 17 2021
       Death declared its own arrival— I was too afraid to look — party will paint the walls

Monday August 24 2021
        Good bread is a sign of a good kitchen.

Monday August 31 2021
       Drawing is a way of solving problems

five spider egg cases in a paper envelope

Monday September 7 2021
        needle. — Cut and Blow — when did we start treating needles as disposibles? I miss those days when needles blunt and people take time to sharpen them.

Monday September 14 2021
        sleepy writing  we pass but never touch — tyranny of organisation

List of potential titles for my works
        consider the insignificance of a stamp
        Milk, Ellen is my daughter
        Spider lines do not obscure the stars
        I saw a chicken in the sky, it landed in my eye
        pockets are like lingerie
        while his terra-cotta rots in the earth

        crowded villages in sentences
        half-formed, wormed lining
        he has a stomach of glass


Coming soon my dear