Transparent book inspired by The Voynich Manuscript.
Unreadable and coded.

Edition of 1
Handmade wax paper, ink
16 sheets, no binding, 16 x 16 cm

Internet for Introverts

Drawings inspired by found architect’s sketches, in the streets of Paris. The drawings are folded and sewn shut, like the undecipherable sketch of the architect’s.

Edition of 1
Yellow and blue tracing paper, black marker, ink, white ink, thread, card
16 sheets, machine straight stitch binding, 21 x 30

Scratch book

In life drawing class there was a table, so worn out that nobody ever wanted to use it. Paper would not sit flat on the table. Every line you make would end up bumpy.
I brought colourful crayons and made a book frottage in memory of the table.

30 pages, glue bound, paperback, 4 x 10 cm

Self Portraits by Strangers

I had an assignment to make a self portrait and was tired of drawing myself. I made a book using tracing paper and asked people on the streets to draw me in a minute.

24 pages, saddlestitch, clothbound, 15 x 21 cm

A letter, or two

My drawing teacher Annemieke lent me a precious letter for a drawing homework, written during WWII, from her grandfather to her father, sensored, sent from the Netherlands to Indonesia.

I loved the handwriting and wanted to copy it. I also wanted to learn Dutch. It turned into an exact copy of the whole letter. I was too afraid to copy the stamp. I returned both to Annemieke as a gift.

Paper, ink

Signed Language

I found automotive design sketches slipped in a secondhand book bought in The Hague.
I redrew some of them and bound the sketches into the book at the end.

Paper, original automotive sketches, ink, gluebound, hardback cover

Ink soaked book (contemporary drawing)

I found this broken book in the rain on the streets of Paris that was beyond repair. The spine was worn out and exposed in places. As an experiment I dripped ink across the spine and let the book dry out. I then separated the pages and composed them into these ink spreads.

Text interpretation through folding

I was given a text in a foreign language and was told to interpret it without using words. I made creases where all the words where and tried to replicate them again and again, photocopying them as well. I them complied them into a book.